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Thursday, 21-Dec-2006 21:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Best of Andalusia (malaga, granada, corboba, sevilla)

adakah mampu menerangi andalusia?
tipikal senario
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This are among the best pictures (for me at least )

On our firstt day we spend time 'playing' in Malaga beach and eating fish the most popular dish.

One happy family at home Malaga Beach

Kota Alhambra atau 'Istana Merah' - kalimah "Tiada yang berkuasa melainkan Allah" penuh diserata pelusuk dindingnya.

Perkampungan Moorish yang dikenali sebagai Albaicin jelas dari Istana Nasrid Alhambra. Orang Islam moorish dipaksa menganuti kristian satu ketika dahulu atau jika tidak mereka akan dihalau keluar dari spain dan disalib. Kejam bukan?

Generalife- taman yang indah yang cuba diibaratkan seperti syurga dengan penuh sungai sungai yang mengalir.

Salah satu kedai kopi di Albaicin , sila perhatikan lantainya. Setiap kawasan berbeza corak lantainya dan disusun dari batu batu sungai.

Bazaar lalalalala

Mezquita satu masa dahulu adalah masjid hak milik kita tapi kini menjadi gereja. . Perhatikan disebelah kiri jelas adalah gereja dan disebelah kanan adalah bekas masjid.

Menara giralda.Satu masa dahulu menara Islam tp kita hanya kenangan.

Friday, 15-Dec-2006 21:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark

the pyramid
hidup seorang musafir berkelana atas apa?
The mosque
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Last spring holiday I went to Egypt.
This winter holiday (tommorow actually) I will leaving to Andalucia, Espana@ Spain.
May be next spring holiday ......Istanbul, Turkey
May be next summer holiday.......Morocco
May be next year....Mecca...
Hikmat kembara...kita berjalan melihat alam...mengobservasikan tanda kekuasaanNya.
Mari belajar ISK....Inilah Sejarah Kita (Islam)

The big big lg besarkan kuasa Allah.

Doakan saya dan rakan rakan selamat...

Wednesday, 13-Dec-2006 00:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Upon Graduation

The University
The Hall
The Entrance
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Today I attend one of my sister's graduation at university.
Despite of tones of works, I can see the smile on her face.
Her confidence and satisfaction
I know it is hard to survive.
So upon your graduation.
Congratulation Dr. Nadia Ismail.
Kerja baik baik dekat Scoborough tu (Spelling sure silap nieh)

Monday, 11-Dec-2006 18:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2 down 2 more to go

Alhamduilah I just submit my two lab assestment worksheets....
And now I have to focuses on the other two the Bioinformatics report and Antibiotics write-up.

Ouch exam time table is out already...Gotcha prepare for a month better..

Your Exam Timetable

Please note that you should arrive at least 15 mins prior to the start time of each your exams. It is your responsibility to check and print this timetable.
Exam Code Title Date Location Seat Start Finish
MSEC30111T Tools and Techniques for Enterprise 15/01/2007 Armitage Centre (Conf. Hall) 129 14:00 16:00
BIOL20141T Gene Expression 16/01/2007 Sackville St Bldg. Ent. Hall 115 09:45 11:15
BIOL20221T Introduction to Immunology 18/01/2007 Sugden Centre 224 09:45 11:15
BIOL20461T Bacterial Structure and Function 25/01/2007 Schuster Bldg, Rutherford Th. 39 14:00 15:30
BIOL20261T Fundamentals of Bioinformatics 26/01/2007 Simon Bldg. LR2A 12 14:00 16:00

Monday, 11-Dec-2006 01:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Annoying Night

After a stressful day of loads of of courseworks to be done...I want to have a very good night sleep.
And now guess what?
It is at half past one early Monday morning...and the FIRE DRILL ALARM starts going on!!
I want to cut off the hand of someone who actually make the drill rolling over the night.
Even the Hall's porterman can't figure out from where the cause is!!

And now its nearly 30minutes the alarm goes by...and my ears are so painfullllllll
I cant do anything...I can't sleep.....
So I write here....

I want my 'quality sleep' time.... And yeah that is my annoying hall of residence.

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